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[Nhạc] GangNam Style

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1 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:10 pm


Bài Viết : 118

Xu : 1312

Cảm ơn : 8

Oppan Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style
Najeneun ddasarowun in-ganjeogin yeoja
Keopi hanjaneui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok ittneun yeoja
Bami omyeon shimjangi ddeugeowojineun yeoja
Geureon banjeon ittneun yeoja
Naneun sanai
Najeneun neomankeum ddasarowun geureon sanai
Keopi shik-gido jeone One Shot ddasarowun sanai
Bami omyeon shimjangi teojyeobeorineun sanai
Geureun sanai
Aremdawo seurangseurowo
Geur ae neo hey,geurae baro neo hey
Areumdawo seurangseurowo
Geur ae neo hey,geurae baro neo hey

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